Wood pellets

Wood pellets

Certified wood pellets


  • Din plus or En plus A1 certified wood pellets in 15kg bags or bigbags


Domestic premium quality wood pellets


  • Big bags (500, 1000 or 1100kg)
  • Small neutral color bags (15-25kg).



  • Calorific value: >17GJ/ton
  • Ash: <0,65%
  • Moisture: <10%


Industrial wood pellets

Industrial quality wood pellets for medium and large scale power plants.

Deliveries are in bulk or big bags. Delivery terms FOB or CIF. Delivery straight from storage in Liepaja port, Latvia. As well we organize delivery with 24 tons trucks from our warehouse in Vilnius.
Wood pellets specifications depends on client's requirements.


 Wood pellets

For all inquiries, pricing or questions please write to elvyra.bikmane@biovoice.lt.