Biofuel production

Straw pellets 


Our factory produces up to 1000 tons/month of 8mm premium quality wheat straw pellets,
Our factory keeps 80% of all straw under roof and 20% is kept under diffusion bio blanket,
Moisture and quality of straw is checked twice a month, which allows us to reduce the risk of mold and microbial activity.

We can offer three packing options:
Big bags (500, 1000, 1100kg)
Small bags (10-25kg)

Specifications of straw pellets:

Diameter: 8 mm;
Moisture (%): <14% 
Ash Content (%): 5%
Density: 450-600 kg/m3


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Wood pellets


Industrial quality wood pellets for medium and large scale power plants.

Deliveries are in bulk or big bags. Delivery terms FOB or CIF. Delivery straight from storage in Liepaja port, Latvia. As well we organize delivery with 24 tons trucks from our warehouse in Vilnius.
Wood pellets specifications depends on client's requirements.


 Wood pellets

Wood chips


We supply wood chips for medium and large scale power plants. FOB or CIF shipments from Liepaja port, Latvia is available.

Wood chips are produced from different raw materials ( round wood or logging residues) - according to client‘s specifications.

Main specifications of wood chips: size 20-50 mm, bulk weight 200-400 kg/lm3, moisture 35-55%.

We adjust specification according your requirements and take care of transport and logistics to end user.